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Word = Word is a very good site to type a story or do school work. It is a very cool thing to use if you don't like you hand writing or you want the paper to be neat you can use word and then print it out. Also if you are a adult you can use this site for jobs and other things.

Publisher = In Microsoft Publisher, you can make Greeting Cards, Brochures, E-Mail, Post-Cards,Calendars, and more.

PowerPoint = In PowerPoint you can create a slide show or a movie.You can use slide shows in many different ways and power point is easy and fun.

Outlook = Outlook is were you can check your email.

Excel = Excel is where you can use formulas for math, create graphs, make tables, and a lot more useful things you'll need in the future.
Hope these tutorials made by ISB students helps you understand how to use these sites.
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