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Don't know how to work Microsoft Excel? This is the page for you!

Students in ISB middle school have been making tutorials of widely used programs. They have worked a lot to help people around them have a better understanding of technology. On this page you will find how to make bar graphs, math equations, pie charts...

This page will come in handy, because Excel, when you learn to use it, is a quick and speedy way to do homework, projects, and lessons.

Our class is great, always staying on task, and have put a lot of everything into making their tutorials. We only hope that you will find them useful, and that they explain what you need to know!

This tutorial on "How to make a line graph on exel 2007" by Ryan.

The tutorial on 'How to use Math Equations' by Ellen:

The tutorial on 'How to make a bar graph' by Camila:

The tutorial on 'How to make a pie chart' by Jon

The tutorial on 'How to formatting cells' by Tanatat: