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On this wiki you will find many tutorials on Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, and Microsoft Publisher 2007-all made by students just like you! These sixth grade students have worked hard on their main project in their Period 5 class, Integrated Technology. Each student was assigned to make a tutorial in three parts: Investigation, Plan, and Create. For the Investigation section, students were to research many other tutorials to gain ideas and inspiration for their own tutorial. After this stage, Students would start planning their tutorials using a Tutorial Storyboard. Once this part was completed, the sixth graders would start the exciting part- making their final tutorial!

Additional things you may find on this wiki besides the tutorials are Technology Tips to enlighten one's self, a Digital Citizenship page, and Links to useful websites. This wiki is mainly a handbook for teachers and students to use for class work and examples. It is also helpful when a student or teacher forgets how to do or make a certain page, poster, graph, or anything else on Microsoft 2007. If this is the case, then that person simply has to visit this wiki and watch the certain tutorial they need.

Our Integrated Technology class is fun, exciting, and full of good energy. We always try our hardest to make sure that we do everything the best that our abilities allow us to do. We hope that our readers recognize the effort we put in.

We Hope this Wiki is helpful!

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